Natalia L.

We got wonderful family pictures after our walk with the photographer, filled with lively and interesting moments of our walk together. Great quality at a great price! Expand the horizons of your home photo shoot with Nadya!

Viktoria S.

I enjoyed working with Nadya. She was keen to learn what do I like doing and more about Myself before suggesting the theme of photoshoot. I like the type of pictures where they are taken as if you are not posing. Nadya made picture of my family that now hang on the wall and I really enjoy looking at them and remember kids being small and playful.

Nino J.

It was a pleasure shooting with Nadya! She was on time, we were late and she made us feel not bad at s all about it!!! She made the shoot fun and made my husband, I and even our kids comfortable during the shoot. Over all great experience!!! I would recommend her to anyone searching for great - natural looking images!!! Can’t wait to work with her again!

Margarita K.

Nadya is a true professional passionate about her work. She is very attentive to details and makes sure that you are all aligned on the expectations. Nadya guides you trough every step of the process starting from outfit to the point where is your best angle. She is very responsive and very responsible! The entire experience is just a pleasure and of course the end result is stunning! You have a photoshoot where you are being yourself having fun and Nadya just captures moments!

Iryna M.

Nadya is true artist, very attentive to details, tries to catch the best of you in different unexpected ways. It was a great pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend Nadya as a professional photographer, and her amazing work!

Katerina S.

It's been nice to work with Nadya. She can clearly explain what pose to take, what emotion to show. Her pictures are light and joyful.

Yuliya L.

RECOMMEND!!! A professional in his field. A photographer with a good imagination, aesthetic taste, sociable. When we did the photo session, it happened in my house, where at that time there was a renovation, and despite everything, she found so many advantages and this was my best photo session for my family and dog